A selection of playlists to work / walk / cry / vibe to in this not very chill time. More to come whether people are listening or not.
a weird selection of songs
The main playlist: 100 songs right across the popular music spectrum, covering pop, acoustic, hip hop, rock and more.

If you haven't heard these songs, you should do.
100+ songs, 6hrs
Spotify Link
no words so you can focus
a mix of film music, jazz, prog, and electronic instrumental music. there are no lyrics to distract you from your stellar writing skills, but it still gets vibey. Prepare for a lot of 6-15 minute tracks. distractions? who is she?
45 songs, 4hr 5m
Spotify link
sad, slow, or soft songs to self-isolate to
for when you're feeling a bit mellow and vibey and want to bask in it. incl: FINNEAS, Lewis Capaldi, Hayley Williams, Tame Impala, Keaton Henson, Lana Del Rey, and more.
44 songs, 2hr 58m
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