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Martin Crandon is a designer and producer based in London, England

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NOW London, England.

            Working across the creative industry, Martin helps musicians, brands, and businesses by developing new identities, creating products, taking photos, directing campaigns, producing videos, growing audiences, and much, much more. Learn more



Self-portrait of Martin angled towards the right in a black and white striped shirt.

I'm a cross-discipline creative inspired by everything that combines function and form, and hold the strong view that everything can be improved with a design mindset.

Studying at Leeds Conservatoire in the north of England, I specialised in Music Production, receiving my Bachelor's degree whilst practicing artistic design in the city.

Deep in the London creative scene, I now use my 'full-stack' of creative business skills to work with music labels, publications, and artists of all kinds on a huge variety of projects. 


Immersed in the music scene, I was able to work with countless bands and artists to help craft the art and image for their music, soon leading meto work with independent brands to help form their identity.

This large volume of quality work led to projects with notable music industry clients such as Warner Music Group & ADA Music, Dork Magazine, among others.

Warner Music Group logo


Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Web Design
Ad campaigns
Social Content
Artist Development
Record Production
Audio Engineering


I am currently open to project work across all areas. Email me at to let me know about your project and what I can do to help.



Music Production and Mixing for pop, indie and alt/rock artists. I help artists along the entire journey, assisting with perfecting the song, producing it to it's full potential, and building a unique brand around your artistry to push you forward in the industry.


From brand identity to end product, I help creative businesses build a seamless experience that fosters the best relationship possible between you and your audience.


Portraits and live music photography from the past three years. I love documenting moments and plan to take a more artistic approach to photography in my upcoming work. Mainly music and people who ask nicely enough.

Select Projects

Dork Magazine


Promoting live music for the Indie scene's favourite magazine

Promoting live music for the Indie scene's favourite magazine

The Stage


Putting a face to the voice of 140 years of British theatre.

Over a year of work as The Stage's designer, covering an immense scope of work including Brand Identity, Editorial, Events, Web Design, and more.



Mind-twisting artworks for the post-grunge face-melters

A series of artworks for punk-grunge trio Brooders' series of 2019 singles, encapsulating themes of relationships and mental health issues through montage artworks of lyrical imagery.

Alex Tracey

Artist Development

Alex Tracey is an indie-pop/rock artist bending many aspects of guitar music with complex modern pop productions. I worked with Alex over a long period of time, creatively and artistically directing his projects and developing him as an artist to capitalise on his strengths. Work included song production, photography, artworking, video direction, and more.



Lucy Whittaker is a London-based pop artist on the rise. Now known as lleo, we've worked together on many of her releases from branding and artwork to songwriting. As producer, I helped meticulously craft the specific sound she imagined in her head, so everyone else could hear it too.

The Stage

Brand Identity

As the world's oldest theatre publication, The Stage is a key and cherished part of its industry. Over two years, I helped revitalise almost every aspect of The Stage brand, and elevate it to be it's best self.


Artwork Series

A statement on themes of mental health and the struggles of relationships, this artwork series reflects two years of screeching riffs from Leeds-based trio Brooders.

All projects (with more to come!)