Alex Tracey

Crafting an artistic brand that hits every note

'Crazy' is the first project I worked on with Alex. It was littered with infectious hooks and a pop sound that had a great mix between recorded and electronic elements. My job was to step the quality of production up from a strong demo to radio-ready. The catch? Having to do it with the existing demo files for vocals and guitar.

Luckily, they weren't in the worst shape. I carefully sculpted the entire production, recreating sounds where necessary, adding parts where it would step things up, and mixing the track as well as I could at the time. 3 years on from the mix date, the fact that I can still listen without wincing reassures me I didn't do anything too catastrophically awful.

Logo created for Alex Tracey

For the next single we worked on, Take Me To The Other Side, I had a bit more control. We were able to properly record vocals, and had more time to dial in the exact sounds we wanted for every part of the track. 'Take Me' has a more old-school rock and roll feel, while still cemented in the sound Alex had put out in his past 3 singles.