Getting The Ball Rolling

Getting The Ball Rolling

Gotta start somewhere.

Getting The Ball Rolling

Hello, I made a blog.

I’ve never written any kind of blog, or journal, or really shared my thoughts with anything or anyone on most of the things I think about. Instead of endless internal monologues, I thought I’d record random bits I think about and have dumb opinions on here, so that even if no one reads them I have a semi-clean record of project ideas and thoughts about certain topics. 

Actually, it’s mainly just because I designed a blog section and wanted to put it to use in some way. 

It’s also so I get better at sharing. It took me long enough to even finally put this together and have something to put out. I’ve become very out of practice with sharing my work and generally speaking out loud about what I’m up to, and that sucks. While a lot of people are taking a step back from sharing too much online and from social media, I think it could actually be a healthy thing for me to put some words down and put them out there for people to see.

I’ll be writing about and showing off a few things here. Little thoughts here and there, anything interesting I’m up to, projects I’ve been working on, and talking about what’s going on in the subjects I care about: design, art, music, photography, style, culture, and tons more trendy buzzwords.

So for now, you're getting this: a pointless blog post. Several paragraphs and yet still hasn’t really said anything of value.. But that's okay, not everything has to have value, it can just be, and this is just breaking the seal. Getting the ball rolling. Starting somewhere.

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